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Homemade Dim-Sum for Everyone in Peking Garden
Peking Garden is located at 3666 Delaware Avenue just north of Sheridan Drive in the Town of Tonawanda, Head chef, Quan, has worked for several years in area restaurants, honing his skills and learning new recipes. These delightful new dishes can be found in their all-new menu, which combines these new dishes with all of your old favorites. One thing hasn’t changes, and that’s the tradition of Dim-Sum on weekends. Dim-Sum is a traditional Chinese brunch that’s especially found in south China and Hong Kong. Dim-Sum items are generally bite delights that are generally served in small steamer baskets or on saucer sized small plates. Peking Garden’s Dim-Sum items are special. Unlike those found in many restaurants on North America, Peking Garden makes their own Dim-Sum items by hand.  They are always fresh – Never frozen and shipped in from somewhere else, so you are always assured of the very best tasting, traditional Dim-Sum items.